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Gosta de metal e não vai em lamechices? Então ouça 14 pesadas canções de amor que não são baladas

Uma lista carregada de canções de amor - pesadas, como se quer no metal

Quando se pensa em canções de amor pensa-se inevitavelmente naquelas grandes baladas xaroposas, a pingar mel por todos os cantos, e mais ainda quando se fala no rock ou no metal.

Mas também há grandes canções de amor que não fogem ao peso - e a Loudwire elaborou uma lista com as melhores entre as melhores.

Desta lista fazem parte nomes como os Pantera, Black Sabbath ou Iron Maiden, que provam que o amor não tem de ser sempre suave. Veja - e ouça - aqui:

Pantera - "This Love"
And sometimes I feel so sorry / I regret this the hurting of you / But you make me so unhappy / I'd take my life and leave love with you

Black Sabbath, "N.I.B."
Now I have you with me, under my power / Our love grows stronger now with every hour

HIM, "Right Here In My Arms"
She is smiling like heaven is down on earth / Sun is shining so bright on her / And all her wishes have finally come true / And her heart is weeping

Iron Maiden, "When The Wild Wind Blows"
When they found them, had their arms wrapped around each other / Their tins of poison laying near by their clothes / The day they both mistook an earthquake for the fallout / Just another when the wild wind blows

Judas Priest, "Love Zone"
Been awake all night, can't get no sleep / I need a steel blue heart walkin' down the street / With your razor nails, and your painted smile / You're gonna get richer, I gotta get wild

Pig Destroyer, "Girl In The Slayer Jacket"
Her parents / Tried to sue Slayer / They blamed her boyfriend and PCP / But the truth is her eyes / Had been dead since she was five / She just hadn't disposed of her body

Type O Negative, "Love You To Death"
I beg to serve, your wish is my law / Now close those eyes and let me love you to death

Scorpions, "Falling In Love"
I look in your eyes, I really think you're fooling me / You're pretty and nice, it doesn't matter don't you see / I'm falling in love, it happens to me every day / I'm falling in love, love just seems to slip away

W.A.S.P., "Love Machine"
Lady have you known me / The perfect love machine / I'm Virgo, my Leo's rising, Venus made me king

Amorphis, "House Of Sleep"
I will never sleep alone (never without you) / Whatever you say to me / I already know / If I said something to you / You would take those words / There's so much power in those words

Ratt, "You're In Love"
You take the midnight subway train / You're callin' all the shots / You're struck by lightning / You're in love

Eyehategod, "Ruptured Heart Theory"
My life is full of hurt and pain / But this time I'll do it fine / I'm standing here beside you near / Please hold me tight for just one night

Edguy, "Lavatory Love Machine"
Now if I gotta die / I'll have been stiff and smiling till the crash / Let them know I've been alive / 'Till I made my final splash

Grave, "In Love"
You lie so nice in front of me / As I brought you from your grave / You lost some skin and a lot of weight / But still you look sexy in your new shape