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R.A.M.P.: Apresentação -
In 1989, a group of friends from Seixal, inspired by a shared musical taste, decided to form a band. Their name was born from the joining of their own initials: R.A.M.P. (Rui, António, Miguel, Paulo).
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RAMP regressam aos concertos em junho   (Sexta, 16 de Maio de 2014 às 12:10, Comentar )

Agente Infiltrado: RAMP preparam best of   (Quinta, 10 de Fevereiro de 2011 às 10:05, 5 )


This new adventure would gain shape when Ricardo invited Rui, an old school friend, to take on the role of vocalist. From that moment on, hours and hours were spent in a friend?s garage rehearsing and composing. Their effort would soon pay off, when they went on stage of Rock Rendez-Vous, a mythical venue in Lisboa, putting on a Show that captured the media and critics? attention due to RAMP?s mind blowing music and passionate performance. By that time, Sapo, their previous bass player, had already joined the band, which had adopted a more exigent posture than ever. Motivated by the excellent reviews of their live shows and a constantly growing public demand, RAMP focused their efforts for what would be their first recording - a demo tape that would be used to pursue a record deal.
In 1992 RAMP first record Thoughts (a Mini LP with six songs) hit the market through the Multi-National Polygram and three video-clips arose from the album: Try Again, Last Child and Thoughts. Unanimously acclaimed by the Press as the truly break-through act of the past few years in Portugal, this record definitely marked the beginning of a new era in the Portuguese modern music world. Soon after the release, they recorded three more new songs to allow the release of Thoughts in CD format. However, for RAMP the live shows were always their favorite place, where they could truly express themselves and connect with the audience. Their reputation as excellent musicians and intense performers lead them to be invited to play as the opening act of Sepultura in the Pavilhão Dramático de Cascais. The outcomes of that particular show exceed all expectations and forever changed the view of having Portuguese bands as opening acts of International artists.
In 1995 the Independent Label UL IV released RAMP?s second album Intersection, revealing their maturity through a powerful and balanced production. As a result, the record stormed the Portuguese Sales Charts - something that never happened before to a Portuguese Metal Band - and got extensive video play with All men taste hell, their first single and video. But RAMP also harvested, throughout the world, excellent reviews and media coverage such as in Burn and Madball in Japan, Metal Head and Rock Brigade in Brazil or Mindview and Hard Force in Belgium, just to name a few.
EDR was recorded in Nottingham, England, in the Square Studios and was produced by Simon Efemey. It was released in late 1998, showing a much solid RAMP with an astonishing ability to create great songs. Hallelujah and Old times were the chosen video-clips and For a While became a radio hit, featuring in the Top Ten of Radio Comercial, one of the biggest Portuguese National Broadcasting Radios. Revolution on Tour was also a success, reaching its highest point with the recording of a live album, the first of its kind for a Portuguese Metal Band.
The release of the double album Ramp...Live in late 1999, captured the band's essence, portraying them as a collective that feels at home playing live, face to face with the audience. The album gathers 18 tracks of their three original albums and it was recorded on their 10th Year Celebration Show, from which they took footage that would be later used for the new How video-clip. Songs like Dawn, Hallelujah, How (EDR); Black Tie, All Men Taste Hell, Through (Intersection); Behind the Wall, Out of this World" (Thoughts), are moments of creative madness that reach a whole new dimension live. It also includes a brutal cover version of the Bangles? very own Walk Like an Egyptian. Ramp...Live is a historical document that travels throughout the career of the best and most successful Metal Band of Portugal.


  • Thoughts (1992)
  • Intersection (1995)
  • Evolution, Devolution, Revolution (1998 )
  • Ramp...Live (álbum duplo, 1999)
  • Nude (2003)
  • Visions (2009)
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